Adults With ADD Struggle To Fit Into A World
That Doesn't Always Fit Them

If you’re an adult with ADD, then you know firsthand how hard it can be to get it together and stay focused, become organized, manage your time and take care of yourself.

You know how hard it is to play the game of life following other people’s rules.

But what if you could be happy and successful by breaking the rules?

What if you could be yourself, and use those differences to your advantage?

What if you could relish being the odd one out?

In her new book, Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD, Jennifer Koretsky defies conventional wisdom about ADD, explores the ways in which adult ADD can be both challenging and rewarding, and reveals why this difference offers a remarkable advantage.

Developed through her own personal experience as an adult with ADD and her years as a professional ADD coach, Jennifer has isolated The Five Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD, and she shows you exactly how to build and implement these skills in your own life.

This revolutionary new book doesn’t just tell you about these skills; it provides a roadmap to success.

Inside, You’ll Learn How To:

  • Create structure for your life using 'The 5 Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD' (page 29)
  • Break the cycle of overwhelm (chapter 1)
  • Use 'The Golden Rule of ADD Management' (page 42)
  • Put yourself first in order to care for those around you (page 54)
  • Work with your ADD, not against it (chapter 2)
  • Communicate your differences to others in a positive way (page 98)
  • Addjust your attitude to focus on your strengths
    (chapter 3)
  • Find out if you are a BMW (bitcher, moaner, whiner) (page 114)
  • Dump the "shoulds" that plague your everyday life (page 123)
  • Be more organized by doing less work (chapter 4)
  • Take advantage of the one time management tool that is a must-have (page 139)
  • Live out loud (chapter 5)
  • Identify what's really keeping you from living your dreams and achieving your goals (page 157)

  • Plus: Get access to a special resources webpage available only to Odd One Out Readers!

Odd One Out author Jennifer Koretsky is the Founder of the ADD Management Group, Inc. and leads a team dedicated to helping adults with ADD learn how to simplify, focus, and succeed. She is a professional coach, conference speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and a true ADD maverick.

Jennifer’s unique voice and casual style make her a maverick author who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Complete with poignant success stories of real-life adults with ADD, this indispensable guide arms you with a toolkit for managing adult ADD and gives you the inspiration and motivation you need to be happy and successful by breaking the rules.


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Rave Reviews for Odd One Out!

"I read Odd One Out in two days but got years' worth of good, solid advice, strategies and insights. This is a book that cuts to the chase. Jennifer doesn't spend page after page walking you through various theories, wordy thoughts and ideas; she grabs you and TELLS you what will work by giving you specific tools to help you become a maverick—someone who embraces their ADHD and moves forward in spite of it.

Throughout the book, she peppers it with her own personal experiences, which immediately gives a feeling of warmth and connection to the reader. The tips and tools work, thus offering a nearly immediate sense of empowerment to the reader.

I especially liked the chapter "Live Out Loud." Here, she explains what you need to do to live the authentic you and to move forward by embracing rather than fighting your ADHD.

This is a book that will help anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD, whether it was a month ago or 10 years ago. If you are feeling stuck and unsure as to how to get your life on track, pick up this book, follow her tips, and you too will take charge of your life and begin living it as a warrior. I will be recommending this one to all of my clients!"

Terry Matlen, ACSW
Author, Survival Tips for Women with ADHD
Birmingham, MI


"If I had read this book 4 years ago, I think it would have prevented me from having 4 years of stress! This is the first book a newly diagnosed person should read because you see that there’s hope and there’s humor in ADD, and knowing that can help you move forward.

Odd One Out is quick-witted and easy to read. It felt more like having a conversation than reading a book and at times I was laughing out loud. I could relate to so many of her experiences. Jen tells it like it is, and I loved her openness and honesty.

Even though she’s an expert, Jen doesn’t beat you over the head with information. Her approach is more like ‘I’ve lived it, this is what happens, and these are the strategies and techniques I’ve developed.’ She gives you a clear, easy to follow breakdown of her skills for managing ADD. This book is an outline on how to live every day, and how to live with your Attention Deficit Disorder. This book is fabulous across the board!"

Cindy Giardina
ADHD Coach and ADHD Book Club Leader
Wayne, NJ


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