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Rave Reviews for 'Odd One Out'


I read Odd One Out in two days but got years' worth of good, solid advice, strategies and insights. This is a book that cuts to the chase. Jennifer doesn't spend page after page walking you through various theories, wordy thoughts and ideas; she grabs you and TELLS you what will work by giving you specific tools to help you become a maverick—someone who embraces their ADHD and moves forward in spite of it.

Throughout the book, she peppers it with her own personal experiences, which immediately gives a feeling of warmth and connection to the reader. The tips and tools work, thus offering a nearly immediate sense of empowerment to the reader.

I especially liked the chapter "Live Out Loud." Here, she explains what you need to do to live the authentic you and to move forward by embracing rather than fighting your ADHD.

This is a book that will help anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD, whether it was a month ago or 10 years ago. If you are feeling stuck and unsure as to how to get your life on track, pick up this book, follow her tips, and you too will take charge of your life and begin living it as a warrior. I will be recommending this one to all of my clients!


Terry Matlen
Terry Matlen, ACSW
Author, Survival Tips for Women with ADHD
Birmingham, MI


If I had read this book 4 years ago, I think it would have prevented me from having 4 years of stress! This is the first book a newly diagnosed person should read because you see that there’s hope and there’s humor in ADD, and knowing that can help you move forward.

Odd One Out is quick-witted and easy to read. It felt more like having a conversation than reading a book and at times I was laughing out loud. I could relate to so many of her experiences. Jen tells it like it is, and I loved her openness and honesty.

Even though she’s an expert, Jen doesn’t beat you over the head with information. Her approach is more like ‘I’ve lived it, this is what happens, and these are the strategies and techniques I’ve developed.’ She gives you a clear, easy to follow breakdown of her skills for managing ADD. This book is an outline on how to live every day, and how to live with your Attention Deficit Disorder. This book is fabulous across the board!

Cindy Giardina
Cindy Giardina
ADHD Coach and ADHD Book Club Leader
Wayne, NJ


I ordered your book and I have to say that it has made a powerful impact to my thinking. I have always been an ADDer who gets trapped in an overwhelm cycle which has lead to me not succeeding most of my life although I know that I am highly intelligent.

However I made a breakthrough today when I realised for the first time that I am actually in control of this process. I can break the cycle of overwhelm and do great things in my life. I have come to realise that the steps you spoke about in your book are really true.

I am now taking action. I am able for the first time in my entire life to really take control of my life. I realise what I am doing wrong and most importantly I realise that I am not wrong, it is just that I got into the habit of doing things in the wrong way because I really did not understand me. In fact it is like I have met 'moi' for the first time and I am really thrilled to see him.

I would really like to thank you for all your work and especially for the way in which you come across as an ADHD coach. I have tried many different coaches and though there are many out there you are by far my favourite as your message resonates with my soul, so much so I can remember exact quotes from you book even though I have only read it twice. Keep up the excellent work.

Thulane Akinjide-Obonyo
London, England


Odd One Out was a refreshing and uplifting book. I think I've read every single book about ADD, and this one has definitely been my favorite. It taught me how to think differently about myself and showed me how to work with my ADD instead of against it...which I've been doing for so long! Odd One Out has opened up a dialogue with my husband that has truly transformed our marriage, and now I feel like someone else understands me!! Thanks Jennifer for giving me so much hope and encouragement!!

Allison Campos
Hubbard, OR


As a recently diagnosed 53-year-old, I needed a resource that was very practical, useful, and had "use it today" strategies. This book has these strategies in abundance. As a result, my concept of ADD has changed. I feel much better about myself. And for the first time in many, many years I can see blue skies ahead. I recommend Odd One Out to anyone with ADD, it's the best book I've read by far! Thanks Jennifer.

Brady Oglesbee
Clackamas, OR


As a newly diagnosed adult with ADD, Odd One Out is the absolute BEST book I have read on this subject so far. Very reader friendly (I read mine cover to cover). It is obvious the author knows what she is talking about and has been there and done that. This is not just a bunch of "helpful" tips and tricks; it is real information that you can identify with and put into action. Thanks so much!

Rhonda Crowder
St. Charles, IL


Odd One Out is the first book about ADD that made me truly see and feel my ADD as an asset instead of a liability.

Helga Van Vondelen
Leiden, The Netherlands


I have purchased just about every single book on ADD management that has been published. After spending hundreds of dollars, I finally found a book that actually makes sense--doesn't make me feel like a "special needs adult"--and provides a strategy for managing, and more importantly, getting the most out of my ADD!

Angela Palmier
Smithton, IL

Odd One Out gives hope to those of us who think we are "different" and gives us a reason to celebrate the way we are. After reading this book, I felt wiser and stronger.

Gay Anne Ewing
East Hartford, CT

I had 4 books to read on ADD during the holidays. And Jennifer's book was the only one that I couldn't put down. That was partly due to the friendly writing style and it's practical suggestions, eloquently expressed.

It was also nice to see that it was done by someone who dealt personally with ADD; and not someone who just treated others for the condition.

Bill Kemper
Bogart, Georgia


Odd One Out tells it like it is!

I picked up the book to read while I was home in bed for an entire week. The first three days I was clearly physically sick.... but by day four I recognized something else was going on. The "light bulb" went on as I read page 41; turns out I was in experiencing my own "period of absolute burnout".

Before I read the book- I had taken pride in being called a "miscreant" by one of my long time co-workers. When I get back to the office I'm going to give back miscreant description and replace it with maverick!

Karen Bick
Dalllas, TX

I couldn't put the book down! I opened the package as soon as it arrived from the publisher and that was it for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

It's so readable, small pages, larger print, bold type, clean look, and clean elegantly pared down prose...there is plenty of information to absorb and your solutions were simple, sensible, and oh so do-able.

Thank you so much for this little gem of a book. It is without doubt a clear new voice and an important one in the wobbly world of ADD/ADHD. I also feel every non-ADDer trying to get a glimpse of what having ADD means should definitely read and contemplate this book.

Lynn Root
Fort Collins, CO


When I purchased Odd One Out, I was looking for some practical, workable, down-to earth advice on how to manage my ADD life and how to reduce major clutter from someone who has "been there".

My changes are small, especially while my family is managing some crises. Yet starting small and slowing down is the essential part of "where to start". I'm more accepting of who I am and less overwhelmed by the size of the task. My husband, who has ADD tendencies has come "on board" and is listening to my CD on Kiss Your Clutter Goodbye. We are both more hopeful when we realize our 15 minute efforts are actually 30 minutes per day together. The job has become a bit easier now that it is shared. Before reading the book, the clutter was too tough to tackle. Also, I am applying the same approach in working through our multiple crisis situations. I'm getting off my own case about not handling everything "perfectly"!

I have recommended the book to two of my fellow artist friends. One friend starts teaching high school art classes this fall and will be influencing young creative minds. What would I say if my friends were not sure about the book....what are you waiting for? This is THE book for Adult ADD's who have struggled way too long!

As you can see from the attached photo, even our cat seems to "get it". When I made the sign for things to find a home for, she parked herself at its base. She's had it with the clutter too! LOL.

Sheila Liston
Aurora, OH


In Odd One Out, Jen Koretsky has cut through the fluff that ADDers don’t have the time or patience for and gets to the real essence of what's needed to get the real benefits from your ADD traits.

In her casual, straight talking style of writing she gets to the real essence of what it takes to be more successful, happier and more confident – all because off your ADD, not in spite of it.

Having read just a couple of chapters of this book (in whichever order you fancy!), you will have some of the tools to tap into your brilliance and bring out the true maverick inside you – all in a way that feels comfortable and true to who you are. Highly recommended.

Sital Ruparelia
London, England


In Jennifer's no holds bared book, she generously shares her own personal and professional stories (the good, the bad and the highly ADD moments) and she shares her own personal strategies for getting through life with ADD.

But it's just not another ADD book!

Jennifer tells you why it's ok to have ADD, why being the "odd one out" can work for you, not against you. She also shares resources and gives you some action plans too!

After reading the chapter "Take Control of Your Space and Time", I cleaned my bedroom (a task that had been in my mental list of things to do for months!). If a book can make ME clean, organize and most of all take action then it's worth a read!!!

Sandra De Freitas
Toronto, ON, Canada


Odd One Out is a fresh and affirming take on ADD. I found the book encouraging and empowering. The author's personal stories rang very true for me, and her tone and style made me feel like she was talking to me.

Keith Schleicher
Glen Allen, VA


Odd One Out is fantastic! It's a clear, accurate and extremely helpful book. Each page addressed the problems that I have, and live with daily. I have read a LOT of ADD books over the years. Odd One Out is readable, informative, and also is full of practical advice.

I had to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It is a book that will be helpful in letting me Live out Loud. Thank you so much!

Sam Hooker
Federal Way, WA


Most people think of ADHD as a lack of focus and don't understand the toll it takes to try to keep up with demands of everyday life…This is the first book I have read that really describes the frustration and emotional struggle that can accompany ADHD.

Linda Cleary
Springfield, MA


I bought your book and couldn't put it down. Being a mother with ADD, it hit home, made me laugh, and gave me some good pointers. I passed it to my 28 year old ADD daughter. I am sure I will be buying another copy to keep for myself.

Darlene Bradshaw
Ocala, FL


For those with ADD, Jennifer Koretsky offers solutions in Odd One Out for living with the challenges of ADD. Embracing simplicity, breaking the cycle of overwhelm and better organization through planning the time to plan are straight forward concepts the reader can put into action immediately for results.

For ADD outsiders, maverick Koretsky offers a glimpse into life within the world of ADD for better understanding and communication. Not exclusive advice for only those with ADD, her principles for simplification for a happier life are good reading for all.
Lockport, NY


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